1 = 100% water saving, not even one drop of the water will go out of the tank. 2 = 100% power saving, even one second motor will not run extra. 3 = WOFS save your money along with water and electricity 4 = Don’t worry about forgetting after running the starter, the starter will stop automatic after filling the tank. 5 = No alarm required. 6 = WOFS does not require any separate electricity. 7 = It is very easy to install, anyone can. 8 = 24 * 7 customer care service facility is available. 9 = Save water, electricity and money, immediately install WOFS.


1= While installing, it is to be kept in mind that the wire coming out from inside the box should be attached to the newton itself with the starter. As shown in the diagram.

2= Minimum 1MM wire is required in WOFS / that’s why installing only 1MM wire from starter to WOFS.

3= Where to joint also, tape it properly by joining the right way there. So that it does not loose. 4 = While cleaning the tank, always clean the tank by turning off the main line so that there is no danger of current.