Civil Construction

HPIL has expertise manufacturing designed uPVC and System Aluminium Windows and Doors and CGI (JASTI) Doors. HPIL high performance products add an architectural dimension to your home and keep out street noise, dust, mosquito, pollution, rain, and wind. Its solutions outlast buildings. HPIL have good quality product for your building. All types of material like Foldable mesh; SS304-Mesh; MS-MESH; PVC strip, Magnetic strip, Thread cord, Silicon spray, colour spray Weather Seal, Door Seal, Aluminium section, Aluminium section we can customized according to customer requirements. 

Japani Chaukhat’ Frames ‘Windows

They make iron, zinc and steel together, this material is called galvanized steel and zinc coating is done on it, due to which it does not rust. The door frame made from this material is called Japanese door frame or Japani Chokhat in India. 14, 16, and 18 gauge sheets are used to make Japanese door frame or Japani Chokhat in India, although most people take 16 gauge door frame

Advantages of Japanese

Door Frame Does not rust – Rust resistant termites do not appear Costs less than wooden doors  Does not corrode quickly , does not fire Trees are protected by its use , able to lift weights, Any type of door can be used inside it.

uPVC and System Aluminium Windows and Doors

HPIL offers a range of window designs for the home and office that are sure to add grace to your space. We have an exotic range of high-quality uPVC and Aluminium windows that have been designed to enhance the aesthetics and to protect your home from the harsh elements of the world outside. We offer a range of home windows as well as office windows, available in different styles and colours. With a wide range of window designs and numerous customisation options to choose from, it will not be difficult for you to find the best window design that suits your home’s or office’s existing architecture.

HPIL’s windows for the home and office have been manufactured using high-quality materials and they offer noise insulation and thermal insulation properties. We, at HPIL’s, also understand that every buyer has a different taste. That is why we offer the latest window designs for a house, along with options in window colour and design, to allow