Sheet Metal Mold & Parts

HPIL in sheet metal and fabricated component manufacturing, HPIL provides support in creating hi-precision sheet metal components for your products. We take pride in delivering a precision and high-quality product from the moment the component enters our shop till it is delivered to your premises.

In the domain of fabricated sheet metal components and value-added assemblies, we are a preferred choice supplier of many of our clients. Most of our clients are with us since our inception.

HPIL objective was to cater to the needs of OEMs in the engineering field by manufacturing and supplying sheet metal components in India & worldwide. Over the years, HPIL has carved for itself a niche and gained foothold in the market by adhering to world-class quality standards and providing exceptional customer service. The company is recognized as a quality conscious company which has always striven to provide best services to its customers and is uncompromising in terms of product quality and on-time delivery. By means of quality and manufacturing capabilities, the company has grown rapidly to assume the leadership position in its chosen area of operation.

HPIL offer end-to-end solutions to industries ranging from Auto Ancillaries, Consumer Appliances, Electrical, Electronics to Allied.