Terms & Conditions


Tool Die any Development and Sample Costs


100% Advance Along with LOI or PO whichever is earlier.


Production Material and Part costs


50% Advance along with LOI or PO whichever is earlier. 50 % against PI & Delivery Before dispatch .


Trading Products from domestic  & International Product form any country.


If any product is warranty period. Then warranty period by manufacturing company or any authorized agency. In any how condition HPIL will not be responsible for warranty, Replacement & Return etc. HPIL can support only.


Payments terms for Trading products from domestic & International Product form any country .


100% Advance Along with LOI or PO whichever is earlier.




Extra according to Government role Current IGST Rate is:- 18 %


Internal Test & Validation Charges


HPAI will absorb these costs as a gesture of goodwill.


External Test & Validation Charges


25% plus over the actual price settled with the third party agency towards engineering effort and overheads.


Payment Term for External Tests & Validation Costs


All external test cost will be paid by customer. 100% book standard is not possible for production products. Always lot to lot will be change 3 % to 6 % will be up and down.


Development Costs & Sample cost air , see , road , fright charge


Developments as mansion above & Sample fright cost will be paid by customers.


Validity of the Quote on order timing


Valid up to 15 days. If material price will effect as per market then Quotation will be revalidate accordingly on the order timing .


Revalidated of the Quotation on Billing timing


If material price will effect on daily basis then Quotation will be changed accordingly on the billing time .


Validity of the Price – Commercial


The above price is based on the EAU volumes mentioned in your RFQ & the MOQ mentioned above. Should there be a fluctuation in the volumes beyond 20% , HPAI will reserve the right to adjust the price/s based on the actual condition.


Validity of the Price – Technical


The above price is based on the technical specifications mentioned in the RFQ. Should there be any change in these specs, the prices will vary accordingly.


Printing, Packing & Forward applicable


Actual Basis quotation is EX work price.


Production Material quantity


Production Material quantity can up and down in production time 10 to 20 %  you will be adjusted accordingly.


1: -Goods once sold will not be taken back 2:- If any product is warranty period  then warranty is applicable for manufacturing company. HPIL can support only. In any how condition HPIL are not responsible for warranty & replacement. 3: – If payment will delay then interest @ 24 % PM will be applicable. 4: – Dispute, if any subject to Gurgaon Haryana jurisdiction only .


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