Injection Mold

HPIL has expertise manufacturing in mould design and making high-quality plastic injection mould, Sheet metal mould, Thermos forming & Vacuum forming mould as class “A” moulds. With the experienced team, HPIL offers solutions for complex in supplying Functional and aesthetic Mold & Part to the Automotive and Appliance industry We are the market leaders in mold & part industry. Mould size from 100 kg to 35 ton & (hot runner & stamping progressive tool) Over the years, HPIL-has built a large number of high-quality Molds for worldwide customers in various fields such as Automotive accessories, Office equipment’s, Telecommunication, Home appliances, FMCG, Medical utensils, Industry products, and daily electronics.

At HPIL we believe in continuous Innovation and some of the new technologies. We have in house tool designing facility. Urgent prototype tool facility is available with German technology from Germany & China.