Manufacturing electronics item Water overflow stopper, Submersible motor starters, Standard air cooler, customized air cooler Etc.

(Benefits of installing Water overflow stopper)

  1. 100% water saving, not a single drop of water will flow out of the water tank.
  2. 100% power saving, motor will not run even for a second.
  3.  After filling the tank starter will turn off automatically, so there is no need to  worry about to turn off starter.
  4. No risk of roof damage due to overflow of water. Does not require any alarm.
  5. No danger of quarrel with neighbour’s due to overflow water flowing into the street.
  6. WOFS saves water and electricity as well as your money.
  7. WOFS does not require separate power. It is too easy to install at home.
  8. With a three-year replacement guarantee.
  9. This keeps your motor and starter safe.
  10. By saving water you will save the life, (SAVE THE WATER, SAVE THE LIFE). And you will reduce the Problem of shortage of water for your upcoming generation! Every Single Drop Of Water is Precious.

We are manufacturer of starters & air cooler: –

  1. Single phase submersible motor starters. 
  2. Single phase for normal motor starters.
  3. Our cooler Air quality same as AC. Our cooler design is not same as other cooler.

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