HPIL was initiated with the basic designing of the packing materials. HPIL manufactures Polypropylene Corrugated Sheets, fabricated products, moulded crates under one roof. HPIL is manufacturing P.P. fabricated, like PP BINS, PP BOX (Foldable & Non Foldable ), PP CASE, HDPE BINS, Crates Fabrication products which are marketed to Industrial Customers of different fields some of which includes automotive based industries, logistics based industries, electronics based industries, health care sector, PR organisations, Construction fields, Agriculture sector etc.

Fabricated Box

We offer Boxes, Crates, Bins, Sleeves, Partitions etc made of Polypropylene Corrugated Sheets.   Moulded Crate Moulded crates are used in returnable packaging with heavy components and rigid applications.

  1. PP Corrugated Box Sheets   
  2. -PP Corrugated Board 
  3. PP Sunpac Printing Sheets
  4. PP Corrugated Conductive Sheets
  5. PP Corrugated Plastic Separator
  6. PP Corrugated Plastic Separator 
  7. PP Corrugated Sheet Rolls

Every Industry and Business is looking for reducing their costs. The concept of returnable packaging is a tool to reduce the packaging cost considerably. The sheets are made of Impact Co Polymer of Polypropylene, it has cellular construction with two walls connected by vertical ribs. The sheets are water and oil resistant, light weight, strong and with live hinge properties. It is 100% recyclable. Being fibre free it can also be used in clean environments where paper board base products are unsuitable. The package can be screen printed for the purpose of branding and identification. Polypropylene sheet is the root of returnable packaging available in various colours, Size and GSM

Salient Features:

Light Weight,    Strong,     Waterproof,   Chemical Proof, Vermin Proof , Recyclable, Reuse, Printable, live Hinge, High Insulation, Easy Fabrication, Impact Resistant, Puncture Resistant, Tearing Resistant, Custom Made,